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Michael Keaton lived long enough to see himself become the villain. Variety reports Keaton will go from Birdman to Spider-Man. But really, it's from Batman to Birdman to Spider-Man—the Oscar nominated actor portrayed the Caped Crusader for Tim Burton's late '80s, early '90s Batman films. If cast Keaton will play opposite the brand new Spider-Man: Tom Holland

Uproxx cites Variety’s exclusive report saying Keaton is in early talks for a villainous role in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Details about who Keaton could be playing are unknown, but Uproxx notes there's been speculation about the Vulture appearing in the film.  

Keaton proved he's the perfect Spider-Man antagonist, or maybe that he's been preparing for this role for a very long time, back in November on The Tonight Show when he called Spider-Man a word much harsher than "whimp" (beginning with a "P") when talking about a time Spider-Man cried on film. "Batman would never cry," said Keaton. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming will reportedly revisit Peter Parker's high school days, which audiences have seen in both iterations of Spider-Man starring Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, respectively. Holland explained the title saying, "Peter [Parker] is trying to find his way home.” Sony boss Tom Rothman added that Spidey is searching for "his identity," a journey he said he hoped would be long enough for "about three movies." 

Spider-Man: Homecoming's cast includes Marisa Tomei as Aunt May and Zendaya in a role that's being kept under wraps.

The film is set to premiere July 7, 2017.