There are many reasons why LoveTrue is one of our most anticipated films playing at Tribeca Film Festival (April 13–24). For one, it's executive produced by Shia LaBeouf, whose curious artistry is impossible not to pay attention to. What has he cooked up this time around? What is he wearing on his head this month? Unlike some of Shia's previous anticsLoveTrue is no joking (or trolling) matter, though. It's a beautiful new documentary from director Alma Har'el, who took home a Best Documentary Feature award for Bombay Beach at Tribeca Film Fest 2011. The film doesn't skimp on cinematic flair, as it follows three distinctively unique stories that have to do with love

With stories based in Alaska, Hawaii, and New York (three completely different parts of the country), these real-life tales outline complicated relationships, like dating a stripper and the meaning of forgiveness, like finding out your girl cheated with your best friend and that your child is not biologically yours. Watch the first trailer for the genre-bending film above, which shows a glimpse of the intoxicating visuals that mix vérité style with (re)imaginings of the subjects' younger and older selves. It's made even more mesmerizing with an original score by Flying Lotus.