When someone says they're millions of dollars in debt, it might be wise in the future to ask for an itemized breakdown of what exactly the word "debt" means to them. Louis C.K., whose excellent surprise-released show Horace and Pete recently wrapped up for good, has now been tasked with hitting the interview circuit to clarify remarks about the show apparently leaving him millions in the hole. Did millions of American dollars get tossed around during the production? Of course. Has Louis C.K. found himself in life-crippling debt? Nah. Not at all.

"I am so not broke," C.K. told Bill Simmons during a podcast interview, as quoted by Entertainment Weekly. Breaking down his "so not broke" status even further, C.K. explained that debt (of course) is simply a part of the TV business. "I borrowed money to make the show, which is every single TV show ever made; they're all in debt," C.K. said, adding that he has eventual plans to sell Horace and Pete to Netflix or another streaming service by the end of the summer.

Clearly a big fan of abrupt endings, Louis C.K. also recently poured a ton of salt into society's collective post-Louie wounds with a very discouraging update. "I can't feel that show anymore," C.K. told Hitfix's Alan Sepinwall during a discussion about Horace and Pete. "I am drenched in the feelings that [Horace and Pete] and making this show gave me and revealed for me." At the end of the day, all of this is kinda starting to feel like a real-life Louie episode. So there's that.