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The US Ghost In The Shell movie is really happening — so what anime is next? Akira? Ninja Scroll? Actually, it might be Pokemon.

Yeah, really. The Hollywood Reporter says that a “top secret auction” for the film rights to the franchise is currently happening. Legendary Entertainment — who also produced the US Godzilla movie — are apparently in the lead, but THR says there could be some issues due to the fact that they are now owned by a Bejing-based conglomerate, and a Japanese institution to China is the sort of thing that could be frowned upon. Sony and Warner Bros. are also reportedly in the running.

Ok, it’s a looonng way off, but let’s start casting it. Erza Miller as Ash? Michael B Jordan as Brock? Chloe Moretz as Misty? Bryan Cranston as Professor Oak? A CGI Kevin Hart as Meowth?

They should just use this fan film as a basis.

[via Den of Geek]