Those who have played the immensely successful Kim Kardashian: Hollywood already sort of know what it takes to go from D-lister to A-lister. Kim herself catapulted to fame going from Paris Hilton's BFF to reality TV star to one of the biggest stars on earth sitting atop a multimedia empire because of a possibly "engineered" sex tape leak. Kim is letting everyone in on the rules to being famous she learned from current BFF Jonathan Cheban, who plans to teach rich kids how to buy diamonds and types of caviar. 

Kim revealed the rules in a video blog post for her website today sitting with Cheban. She explained how she met Cheban, a public relations executive as the Daily Mail reports, as she reflected on the Kim of 10 years ago.  

"Every time I'd go to the gym or go eat, every paparazzi would ask me questions and I would be like: 'Hey guys!' Like, I so wanted the attention," Kim said laughing. 

Cheban reportedly then advised Kim to channel Victoria Beckham. "Jonathan was like, 'This has got to stop. Do you think Victoria Beckham sits and does all these interviews?'" said Kim. 

Besides not talking Cheban told Kim not to smile—a rule Kanye lives by—and to wear sunglasses. 

"[He said] 'Do you think everyone else has smiles on their faces? You are too happy, you are smiling way too much. Put your sunglasses on,'" Kim recalled.

Kim's celebrity transformation was complete when Cheban made her get a makeover and upgraded her from a white Range Rover to a classier car. 

Let's recap the five rules: Don't talk. Don't smile. Wear sunglasses. Get a makeover. Drive a classy car. 

These days Kim's a veteran at dealing with paparazzi and spends her days being a businesswoman, a mother of two, and regularly shuts down haters one nude selfie at a time