Way too many people are freaking out over a video that appears to show North West taking a (very mild) fall as Kim Kardashian keeps her eyes glued to her phone. Do kids fall down a lot because they're, you know, kids? Probably. Was Kim reading something crucial on her phone that simply couldn't be interrupted by a routine tumble? Perhaps. In fact, maybe the attention-securing item on her phone was none other than the latest ChyRo update?

Thanks for the catch, Kourtney Kardashian. But what's really going on here? Though the exact date and context of the video remains a relative mystery, perhaps the aforementioned group of freakout-prone people currently losing their minds about this (extremely brief) clip should check themselves. After all, the expansive amount of fascination available for immediate consumption on any given smartphone is almost overwhelming to fathom. Looking up from one's phone, given the limitless world of information therein, is almost too much to ask of anyone.

North West, of course, is also no stranger to smartphone mastery. Back in November, North took to her mom's Twitter account to deliver her very first tweet. "jhjhh'/," North wrote. Within hours, North's message to the world was retweeted more than 32,000 times. That instaclassic tweet was preceded by a very retro throwback pic of Kim in November, allegedly shared by North herself:

Phones, as previously stated, are cool.