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It’s difficult to step into another actor’s shoes, but that’s exactly what the latest guests on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon had to do. On Friday, Kerry Washington and Ken Jeong appeared on the late night show to take part in a game called "Famous Face-Off," which was essentially a hybrid of "Catchphrase" and "Charades."

The rules were simple enough: Participants must deliver clues to their partners bearing masks of different celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Betty White and Chris Rock. The team still guessing when the timer runs out takes the loss. While Washington took a more traditional route, Jeong stuck to his comedic roots with a few off-collar clues. "Brad and I adopted a little Asian baby that looks just like me," he said during the hilarious game.

The new segment is a slight change from Fallon’s usual antics which include shooting weird things into basketball hoops with Taylor Lautner, throwing an epic lip sync battle with Melissa McCarthy and hurling little red balls at John Cena who happened to be wearing a bright yellow Velcro suit. That’s still loads better than "Drinko," a spinoff of the Price is Right game "Plinko" but with weird liquid combinations that participants must drink.