With the presidential election edging closer and closer, the Republican and Democrat primaries are still underway. The topic on everyone's minds lately is which Democrat candidate will win New York: Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? Being a quintessentially New York show, Saturday Night Live has taken this question on a few times, bringing Larry David in to play George Steinbrenner Bernie Sanders, and having Kate McKinnon mock Hillary's sometimes desperate pandering.

Last night, however, with Julia Louis-Dreyfus guest hosting Saturday Night Live, it was time for McKinnon's Clinton and David's Sanders to hear some of the concerns of real New Yorkers, Elaine Benes and Rachel Green. Elaine was Julia's character on Seinfeld and a known self-involved narcissist. And though Jennifer Aniston is living it up in California on that sweet Happy Madison money, Vanessa Bayer was tasked with portraying the Friends breakout star's character. 

The nearly eight minute cold open started with the candidates introducing themselves, McKinnon's Clinton was convinced she had already won saying, "Not getting ahead of myself in public, in private I've been president for 15 years." Meanwhile, Larry David was trying hard not to crack a smile as he said, "I put on my pants just like all of you. I sit on the edge of my bed and Jane [Sanders' wife] pulls them up for me." 

Then, Elaine Benes, dressed in her usual blazer had a couple hilarious and blunt questions for the candidates. She started off asking exactly how Sanders is planning to break up the big banks, and his answer isn't exactly helpful.

Watch the sketch above.