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Keeping up with the ins and outs of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the existence of which we apparently owe entirely to Robert Downey Jr., is serious work. One could reasonably argue that it's harder to keep up with, say, the storied history of the Avengers than it is to follow the equally storied history of American presidents. To put this comparison to the test, noted voice of the people Jimmy Kimmel took it to the streets and came to some truly daunting conclusions.

"There are so many comic book movies now," Kimmel told his audience on Wednesday. "I wanted to get a sense of how many people actually know all the characters." To achieve this mastery of social experimentation, Kimmel asked randomly selected people to name as many Avengers as they possibly could. Then, as there's always a catch, Kimmel asked them to name as many presidents as they possibly could. The first victim easily listed Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man, and Black Widow with almost zero hesitation. Her list of presidents? Well, um, it was a brief one in that it only included Barack Obama and George Washington.

Though revelations abound in Kimmel's latest impromptu survey, the true star of this whole thing is definitely this apparent Eric Clapton superfan:


Despite what this Avengers scholar may tell you, Grover Washington (Jr.) was an accomplished saxophonist, not a U.S. president.