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Sometimes celebrities will tell stories that make you second-guess your dismissal of the Illuminati when stuck in an internet rabbit hole. Scandal and Django Unchained star Kerry Washington did just that on last night's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Promoting the sixth season of Olivia Pope's scandalous life on the Hill (pun intended), the two went on a little tangent about Washington's experience growing up in the Bronx. 

Washington said she'd been taking dance classes at the Boys and Girls Club of America in the Bronx for a long time, joking that she went "initially for the candy at the end of class." She went on to say that her teacher "had an awesome substitute teacher named Jennifer, who would sometimes step in and teach but she left to move to L.A. and be on In Living Color."

In amazement, Fallon asked whether her substitute dance teacher was "the Jenny from the block?" And in a beautifully tween Valley Girl accent, Washington replied, "I learned to dance from J-Lo!" The two then riffed on the voice, with Washington saying, "That explains everything, that's why I'm a really good dancer. It was like, meant to be that I would be famous." Fallon responded, "Like, she was there the whole time, so that's cool. What else is cool?" Washington also did celebrity impressions with Ken Jeong later on the show, proving she's got a real knack for funny voices.

I guess it helps to be from the block, but not any old block: The very block where Jenny is from.