It takes s special kind of person to stay motivated to keep doing good work after they've already made more money than anyone can spend in a lifetime. Luckily, we already know Steven Spielberg is that type of dude. He's been rich for a long time , and he still makes great movies. Let's just hope the $187 million he made today doesn't finally distract him, because we're really going to need the fifth Indiana Jones movie to be better than Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

That's how much Spielberg's shares in Dreamworks Animation were reportedly worth, according to The Wrap, when it was confirmed today that the production company responsible for monster hits like the Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda franchises was purchased by cable and media giant Comcast for $3.8 billion. 

Spielberg founded the company with Disney exec Jeffrey Katzenberg and music mogul David Geffen back in the '90s. He still owned 4.6 million shares, or about 5 percent of the company. Katzenberg made even more off today's deal, a reported $408 million.

That's the kind of money that can allow you to say anything you want about superhero movies. Who needs them? As a director, Spielberg has at least six movies in some stage of production right now. His next one coming out is The BFG, which hits theaters July 1. 

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