The future of movie-making is here, and it's called Hardcore Henry. The groundbreaking new film puts you–the audience member–into the driver’s seat of an absolutely wild ride that is “unlike anything you’ve ever seen” (Collider) and “filled to the brim with ‘holy shit’ moments” (Bloody-Disgusting).

In Hardcore Henry, which was shot in the same first-person visual style that has revolutionized gaming, the viewer is the main character—a man brought back from the dead with zero memory and only one mission: to save his wife and discover the truth behind his identity before time runs out. The film has received rapturous praise from critics and audiences alike, with Engadget calling it “a mix of Jason Bourne and Call of Duty.”

You can check out the trailer in the video above. Once you watch, you'll see exactly why Hardcore Henry is redefining the theatrical experience and, much like Pulp Fiction, Borat, 300 and Paranormal Activity before it, has introduced a brand new method of storytelling that will be talked about for years to come.