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If you're still reeling from the episode that officially ended the relationship long-term casual hookup situation between Hannibal Buress' Lincoln and Ilana on Broad City, perhaps this news will cheer you up: a new documentary about Buress is set to hit Netflix this Friday.

Netflix has announced Hannibal Takes Edinburg, filmed way back in 2013 at the Edinburg Festival Fringe in Scotland, or in terms of Buress' career, pre-Bill Cosby-is-a-rapist-joke, the moment that some would say made Buress a household name (although Buress himself just thinks it's weird).

According to the AV Club, Hannibal Takes Edinburg was "filmed over the course of 28 days in 2013, and it will feature 'extended moments from Buress’ pin-sharp observational stand-up' alongside scenes of him 'waxing philosophic on building his comedy routine, life on the road for a comedian, and immersing himself in the Scottish culture.'"

So while we may have lost Hannibal Buress on Why? With Hannibal Buress ​(maybe), as well as Broad City (maybe), we can look forward to the new Netflix doc, his time frolicking on the beach with The Rock in the upcoming Baywatch movie, and his role in the R-rated animated feature Nerdland. Oh, and hopefully next year's NBA All-Star weekend.