Game of Thrones is really good at teasing the hell out of its most dedicated fans, though its latest peace offering should take everyone's minds off Jon Snow for a solid hour or so. On Wednesday, HBO unveiled a 360° interactive version of the Game of Thrones title sequence on Facebook. The visual feast, produced in collaboration with Elastic and Oculus, allows viewers to roam freely through seemingly fictional lands without the usual constraints of the show's non-interactive format.

The immersive experience, which Mashable reports is coming to VR "soon," deviates from the usual opening format of pinpointing the specific area that will be featured in the following episode by giving fans a more comprehensive look at the continents. "Is that Jon Snow napping?" you may ask yourself while careening through the Thrones-a-verse. (It's probably not.)

With Game of Thrones' Season 6 premiere on Apr. 24 now just days away, there may be only one person on the entire planet who has any idea what's about to go down: President Barack Obama.

As Obama is very unlikely to slip and let out a spoiler, all we have are the words of the series' stars. While relative newcomer Ian McShane is out and about summarizing Game of Thrones as nothing but "tits and dragons," Kit Harington is busy still publicly begging everyone to understand that Jon Snow is dead. "I'm not in the show anymore," Harington swore to Time Out London last month. "I'm definitely not in the new series." Sure. Okay. It's not a lie if you believe it.