Imagining Full House and its fictional family as anything else other than squeaky-clean has become easier in recent years with Full House patriarch Bob Saget rubbing away the last of Danny Tanner. (Before Fuller House existed.) But then there's Dave Coulier's Uncle Joey whose biggest scandal to date was the time Alanis Morisette allegedly did some NSFW things to him in a movie theater. In a Reddit AMA today Coulier revealed that theater thing wasn't even true, but did share another NSFW story which was a prank he played on John Stamos once. Spoiler: It involved his penis.

Coulier participated in the Ask Me Anything to promote Fuller House—which Netflix picked up for a second season—and a musical storybook featuring some of his co-stars reports Uproxx. Someone asked Coulier what was the best prank he's ever pulled on Bob Saget or John Stamos? That's when Coulier went into the NSFW story, while still being Uncle Joey about it and referring to his penis as "weiner."

Coulier wrote:

"Oh gosh. Heh. It was for Bob's 50th birthday. And we kidnapped him and took him to Vegas. When we picked up Bob, I got naked and sat in the limo and waited for him. And when he got in, laughs – this is horrible, I put my weiner through a hole in John Stamos' 8″x10″ picture and it made everyone laugh. Bob took a picture of it. We went to Vegas and met Stamos at the hotel, gave the picture to John. He stuck his tongue through the exact same hole and then Bob showed him the picture he took! [laughs]"

I wonder if anyone asked him if he's watched the Full House porn parody?