We’re not in this game for the awards, but we won’t say no to shiny metal things to stick on our mantle next to the hot sauce and Yeezy Boosts. Plus, it’s a nice way to prove to our friends and family that all these late nights spent arguing over Happy Endings and which Netflix movie is the absolute best are worth something to the shadowy illuminati-esque figures who decide what the best websites in the world are. We think we’re a pretty good website, and we try to prove it every day by giving you tons of free videos to watch and articles to read—well now it’s time to call in the favor.

This year, Complex News has been nominated for Webbys in the Online Film & Video: News and Information category. We were also nominated for Best Viral Video category, for that time we asked people to look at porn in virtual reality. We’re insanely proud of our team, and come Webby night, we’d like nothing more than to see our anchors, editors, and producers standing on stage, rubbing their success in the faces of our esteemed nominees.

Now, before we start congratulating each other, we need your help. If you like what we do and want to show your support, now's your chance to cast your vote. The problem is that most award show websites are kind of hard to navigate, so here’s a handy guide. Just follow the steps below and help us win!

Step OneClick right here.

Step Two: Enter in your email address and register to vote.

Step Three: Check your email account and confirm your registration.

Step Four: Click these links to go to the awards we're nominated in:


Online Film & Video: Viral—First-Time Virtual Reality Viewers React to VR Porn

Step Five: Click your choice and click again to confirm. It you see a voting tally with the percentages, you've done it right.  

When we win, you're all invited to come over and pet the trophy. You guys are the best.