Thor, known to some as Chris Hemsworth, can now officially go down in history books as a hella nice guy after rewarding a fan for an unexpected act of honesty. Honesty, of course, is pretty rare. In fact, many could argue that they have never actually encountered this mysterious "honesty" during any of their presumably reluctant social interactions. For 17-year-old fan Tristin Budzyn-Baker, this rare character trait was rightly rewarded in front of a television audience.

"I left my wallet on the table and thought 'I'm never gonna get it back, I'm never gonna see it again,'" Hemsworth told Ellen DeGeneres earlier this week of the moment he realized his wallet had been misplaced near the airport. Hemsworth initially decided not to sweat it, realizing the chances of ever getting back the wallet (and its contents) were indeed quite slim. However, after getting a call from his business manager, the Thor: Ragnarok star was pleased to find that Budzyn-Baker had found and returned the wallet with all of its original contents still aboard.

"When I found out it was yours, I looked up at my mom and was like, 'Mom! Do you know who this is? We found Thor's wallet!'" Budzyn-Baker told Hemsworth and DeGeneres after being brought to the stage for some gratitude. "I expected it was going to be empty," Hemsworth admitted, "but all the cash was in there." To thank the honest dude for his troubles, Hemsworth gave the teen the money that was in the wallet and "a little extra." 

Hemsworth also penned a letter of recommendation for the Eagle Scouts, surely helping Budzyn-Baker score some top-shelf bragging rights. The highlight of this gratitude fest, however, was the announcement that Shutterfly was gifting the teen with a $10,000 check to help him cover the costs of college. To clarify the message of all of this, just remember: maybe honest is actually a cool thing to be.