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Charlie Sheen has a history of domestic and substance abuse, criminal activities, as well as other issues well-documented in the public eye. The former Two and a Half Men star has quite literally been through it all, and this week, he's been issued with a temporary restraining order. 

The Associated Press reports that his ex-fiancée, Scottine Ross, a former adult actress who performed under the pseudonym Brett Rossi, applied to take out a restraining order against Sheen after he had physically threatened her life.

Sheen is also under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department's threat management unit following a criminal report. Though the exact details have not been uncovered yet, it is believed that it is a result of Ross submitting an audio recording of Sheen threatening to have her "head kicked in" as evidence in her case. 

Additionally, there have been two alleged counts of domestic abuse against her, and according to The Wrap, Ross stated that she had been subject to physical and emotional abuse during her relationship with Sheen and that he had not informed her of his being HIV positive prior to having sex with her. It should be noted that this is not the first instance of women claiming Sheen had abused them or of them not knowing he was diagnosed with HIV.