Stephen King's apocalyptic horror novel Cell was published 10 years ago, but had it taken place in 2016, we would all be screwed. "Don't use your cell phone," an out-of-breath John Cusack warns people in the trailer, and it's the main survival tip for the latest King adaptation. Basically, the premise of the story is: Pick up your cell phone, and you turn into a zombiefied killing machine. Yup. And you thought brain cancer was bad. 

Years ago, Eli Roth was attached to direct the project for a tentative 2009 release, but that never happened. It was announced in 2012 that Cusack would portray Clayton Riddell in the current version of the film, from director Tod Williams (Paranormal Activity 2). Samuel L. Jackson—who rarely puts up with this kind of fuckshit—stars in the upcoming horror film as a man trying to survive the mysterious broadcast turning everyone into rabid killers. Meanwhile John Cusack is out here trying to reunite with his son during these dire times. Jackson and Cusack are no strangers to each other or a Stephen King movie; the two appeared in the King adaptation 1408 in 2007. 

Cell is out on VOD on June 10 and then gets a theatrical release on July 8. Dare to dial in?