On April 14th, Chris Pratt showed his son Jack The Sound of Music for the first time. Two nights later, Jessica Alba lay awake in bed next to her “effing annoying” husband who only wanted to keep the temperature at “30 below [3 snowflake emojis]” and watch murder TV. 

The next morning, Jessica Chastain got her hair done in a bathtub, Reese Witherspoon befriended a dog, and Alba went to a restaurant with her grandparents, where she asked them what it’s like to be married for a million years.

Stars—they’re just like us, right? However, none of these inside scoops came from Us Weekly. Actually, you probably already know how I know the random, intimate details about Jessica Alba’s bedroom life, or what Chris Pratt’s 3-year-old son is up to.


Over the past six months, the app has flooded with mainstream celebrities. Classic Hollywood actresses like Jessica Chastain, who might never otherwise be caught near a paparazzi, are filming themselves for the world to see, as is Kate Upton, all of the Kardashians, Gwen Stefani, and the freaking United States government. It’s one thing when Diplo is on an app for teens, but times have changed when Reese Witherspoon is right there with him. Snapchat is in the midst of a celebrity invasion and this new landscape is changing both the way the app and its new famous users behave. 

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