The Captain America: Civil War team stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday to chop it up about the highly anticipated 13th entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though it was Jimmy Kimmel's mash-up skills that took all the shine. To alleviate the nation's increasingly dire election fatigue, Kimmel tossed the leading candidates (and one surprise guest) into the Civil War trailer to make a very profound point.

"There are some interesting parallels between this presidential election and the movie Captain America: Civil War," Kimmel told his audience. "Both of them feature former friends who are now enemies. They both feature powerful men and women who are also cartoon characters." The results of this experiment, of course, are supremely ridiculous. Down for the sleepiest Spidey in Marvel history? Kimmel's got you:


Not really into the idea of a Captain America: Civil War starring Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump? Fear not. The real (and decidedly Trumpless) Civil War hits theaters on May 6, meaning the nation will no longer be forced to spend hours of each day deeply pondering what exactly went wrong with would-be rival Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Revisit Civil War's actual trailer below, and take comfort in the fact that Iron Man will most likely not become President of the United States: