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Earlier this week, Gameranx released a video of the top 10 new horror video games in 2016 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. A constantly demanding genre, horror is known for warranting demanding work to develop something that isn't cliché and overdone, like vampires, zombies, ghosts, and so on. With ever changing graphics, the video presents how developers are using this to create some truly innovative games with concepts that are actually scary.

One in particular that stands out is Narcosis, a first person virtual reality PC game wherein the user is trapped in one of  the most horrible situations we all dread experiencing: a slow death, alone. The game's director said that, they're "trying to do horror without zombies or spiteful spirits of any sort", so the horror is limited to the constraints of the character's own mind and not "real" per se.

Other interesting ideas include Allison Road, a hyper realistic murder mystery game that follows on from the now-cancelled Silent Hills playable trailer, available on PS4, Mac, PC, iOS, and Xbox One. Additionally, the creators of Bioshock have worked on a narrative game successfully funded on Kickstarter called Perception. The character is actually a young blind woman and uses a variation of sonar called "Echo Location" to determine her surroundings. 

Watch the full video above.