What's better than a poorly received movie with a PG-13 rating? A poorly received movie with an R rating! That's the alleged logic behind the current rumors surrounding a possible rescue strategy for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, according to Uproxx. As previously reported, an R-rated Batman v Superman has already been confirmed to exist. However, if the current word on these highly speculative streets is to be believed, this presumably dirtier cut of Batman v Superman may find its way to theaters before the previously announced special edition hits Warner Home Video later this year.

Citing some chatter from Heroic Insider, Uproxx reports that Warner Bros. may start putting out some "bullshit about how putting the R-rated cut in theaters is a gift to the fans," though this same chatter argues that the actual inspiration behind a rumored R-rated theatrical run really just comes down to dollars and cents. As everyone in the world has already alerted you, Zack Snyder's heroic showdown experienced a steep drop-off at the box office following its first week of release.

This, of course, falls pretty firmly in line with previous whisperings from the Hollywood Reporter about Warner Bros. possibly being scared into releasing less movies following Batman v Superman's less-than-gargantuan box office numbers. Though their sources seemed to disagree on the studio’s thoughts on the future of Justice League and other properties, one thing is clear: Batman v Superman is shaking up the game plan, in one way or another.

What's the power of an R-rated theatrical run? Perhaps we should consult our dear, critically revered friends over at Deadpool: