Pretty much everyone on the planet loves Breaking Bad. Even your grandparents totally binged the meth opera once it hit Netflix, ultimately securing an Aaron Paul fandom likely only matched by your own. But how far is too far when it comes to displaying one's deep and abiding love for Breaking Bad? Crashing Aaron Paul's wedding, of course, seems like a good place to draw that line.

"We had three people crash our wedding," Paul told James Corden on Monday of his 2013 wedding to Lauren Parsekian. "We didn't know it happened until we started looking through photos of our wedding. We saw these three strangers. We're like, 'Who are these people?'" According to Paul, the three strangers were actually pretty obvious wedding crashers in that they all failed to acknowledge the very specific theme of the festivities: 1920s-era Parisian carnival. "This one girl almost caught Lauren's bouquet," Paul added, noting that he still has no idea who the crashers were or why exactly they chose to crash.

Of course, Aaron Paul seems like a good dude and has always been pretty open to engaging with Bad heads. However, as he admitted to Jimmy Kimmel back in February, that one time he pranked the hell out of fans with faux news of a Jesse Pinkman spin-off was a slight misfire. "It's not happening," Paul clarified once again. "I just felt like an asshole." It's all good, Aaron Paul. The Path is good enough to help us all forget.