This Donald Trump situation is getting out of hand. It was amusing when he didn’t stand a chance but, after Super Tuesday’s results, it looks like the man who blamed his refusal to denounce the KKK on a bad earpiece might actually secure the Republican nomination and end up in the White House. A record number of people are looking into moving to Canada (African-American Raven-Symoné already bought her ticket) and even Pope Francis doesn’t like him. There appears to be no stopping the divisive Republican. It’s almost like he’s a…mutant.

Unnaturally orange skin and anime hair aside, Trump’s politics read like a comic book villain and this fan trailer for X: Men Apocalypse is an accurate preview of what the world will look like should that man be elected into office.  “It was just a dream,” Charles Xavier says in the video. That’s what we were all thinking when he first announced he would run for president and now it’s all too real. Trump must be stopped and it’s up to the X-Men, or at least the remaining Republicans (really just Marco Rubio, he’s not afraid of a low blow) to take him down.

Good luck, America..