Starring: Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Will Forte, Method Man
Our Synopsis: So it’s basically John Wick except with a cat. Key and Peele play these normal dudes who lead really normal lives and Jordan Peele’s character is super sad because he just got dumped, but then this adorable kitten shows up on his doorstep. Then the cat gets kidnapped (or catnapped) by a bunch of drug lords. In order to get the cat back, Key and Peele go undercover as gang members. Part of the comedy is that they are so not gangster, and are totally unequipped to handle this situation. 
Spencer's Review: First off, I don’t think anything is funny about a cute kitten getting kidnapped. Second off, I'd rather see John Wick 2. Third off, if I want to watch animals get rescued I would rewatch Ace Ventura. And I don’t even know who these Key and Peele guys are. I don’t think they are funny.​