Conan O'Brien welcomed a very timely guest on Thursday’s show, bringing out Sarah Silverman—as Adolf Hitler—to discuss the intellect-pummeling rise of Donald Trump. As practically every aspect of Trump’s campaign platform has ensured, the Nazi comparisons surrounding the leading Republican presidential candidate have remained quite plentiful over the past few months. In fact, Trump’s path to the White House has now been paved with repeated instances of supporter-instigated assault of protesters and various other examples of racially charged violent behavior.

"I have to say, that’s more applause than I expected," Silverman (as Hitler) told the Conan audience. Trump’s rhetoric, Silverman’s Hitler explained, is definitely something the Nazi leader would be into if it had a better presentation. "I agree with a lot he says," Silverman’s Hitler told Conan. "Like 90 percent of what he says I’m like 'this guy gets it.' But I don’t like the way he says it. It’s crass."

Referencing Trump's recent insistence that he was in possession of a large penis, Silverman made careful note of Hitler’s alleged micropenis. "I famously have a micropenis," she said. "That’s what makes a tyrant." According to this incarnation of Hitler, the Trump comparisons are actually kind of a bummer: "Sometimes I watch him and I’m like ‘Is that how people see me?'"

Just this week, a nonviolent black protester was physically assaulted by a Trump supporter during a rally in North Carolina. Though local authorities initially tackled the protester while appearing to outright ignore the emboldened attacker, social media outrage eventually parlayed into the identification of the attacker and assault charges. In an interview with Inside Edition conducted shortly after the assault, the attacker said the protester might have to be killed if seen at another Trump event.