Life is all about milestones. This year, both Honda and Street Dreams magazine are celebrating ones of their own. Honda is ringing in the 45th year of one of its most beloved cars with the all-new 2016 Honda Civic, and Street Dreams is marking its 10th edition of the publication. In honor of these two events, the two have teamed up to present the #HondaCivic #NextMilestone Tour, which recently launched in L.A. and Austin, and is now headed east to make stops in the nation’s official capital as well as it’s unofficial one: Washington, D.C. and Brooklyn, NY.

At its heart, the #HondaCivic #NextMilestone Tour is all about community, and along the way, it will be bringing Street Dreams’ community of photographers together with communities of Civic owners all across the country. The Street Dreams’ team will also be curating select photos from the #NextMilestone tour into a special Civic Edition magazine, which will be available this summer.

You can take part in the movement yourself—and celebrate milestones of your own—by joining the Tour for the #NextMilestone Photo Walk that will be happening at all of its stops. You can also follow along by hitting up the Street Dreams Instagram page and following #NextMilestone, where photos will be shared from many of the milestones the tour celebrates along the way.