When life gets you down, sometimes you just want to kick back and act like you're a 19th-century plantation owner. What’s so wrong with that?

The Mint Julep was a true favorite of those Southern “good ol’ boys” looking to stave off both the vapors and Northern Aggression. Fittingly enough, they’re slightly more labor intensive to make, as you have to muddle (a fancy way to say “smash”) some fresh mint, sugar, and ice before adding the rest of the ingredients. The drink is also served in copper mugs, which we can only assume was the result of Southerners melting down pennies one by one just to watch Abe Lincoln burn. But the resulting cocktails are delicious if we do declare ourselves!

To get Archer’s take on this Southern Belle of craft cocktails, take a gander at the video above. And be sure to catch the all-new season of Archer, premiering March 31 at 10 p.m., only on FX.