A former Playboy model has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison for her involvement with a failed mob hit attempt, a would-be murder linked to her ties with a notorious organized crime group. Slobodanka Tosic was formally sentenced on Wednesday and now has 15 days to file an appeal, the New York Daily News reports.

"We continue the fight with our heads held high," Tosic wrote on Facebook shortly after the sentencing hearing, which she did not attend. "And thanks to all who are with me!" According to authorities, the former Miss Bosnia was able to persuade a Balkan "gangland figure" named Djordje Zdrale into a trap by using his purported love for her against him. As noted by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, Tosic was a member of one of the most powerful organized crime crews in the region.

As previously reported, Tosic's main connection to the crimes would appear to stem from her relationship with Darko Elez. Elez, described by the Daily News as simply a "mobster," is reportedly the mastermind behind the plan to take out Zdrale in 2006. However, once Tosic and Zdrale arrived at the predetermined location, he was able to avoid gunfire and escape without serious injury.

Investigators have also reportedly linked Elez and his group to a string of additional murders and heist jobs, including a car bomb attack that killed three people in 2008. In addition to Tosic, 31 other people were ultimately accused of various crimes related to the group's activities. According to regional outlets quoted by the Daily News, two of the men who were heading the operation with Elez were actually on assignment as state police officers.