Morgan Freeman dedicated just under two minutes of his Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance on Wednesday to breaking down exactly how he developed his voice, a.k.a. the voice of god. As evidenced by Freeman's inimitable catalog of cinematic gems, that voice has practically become synonymous with confidence, poise, and general awesomeness. Kimmel's voice, as professed by the titan of ABC late night himself, more closely resembles "that of a clown." Thankfully, Freeman has some tips.

"I don't even know what you mean," Freeman teased when first pressed by Kimmel for the story behind his legendary vocal cords. After Kimmel breaks down how the London Has Fallen star's voice vastly improved his childhood, Freeman graciously obliged. "I went to school to study how to be an actor," Freeman recalled. "In that school, Los Angeles City College, I had a voice and diction instructor who was very good at his job."

When Kimmel started to sweat the fact that he only learned things like how to drink beer from a funnel during his own college experience, Freeman calmed his worries. "I was old," Freeman admitted, adding that his college journey didn't even begin until he was 22.  However, Freeman notes, his time at LA City College was admittedly brief: "I only went for about 20 minutes."

Thanks for the advice, God.