Netflix's Making a Murderer may be over, but of course, the real-life case of subject Steven Avery is ongoing. Avery's lawyer Kathleen Zeller recently said she's found evidence to prove Avery isn't responsible for the murder of Teresa Halbach and that he will inevitable walk free. MaM watchers seemed to believe Avery is innocent too, creating a petition for Avery to be pardoned, among other things. Newly surfaced evidence suggests Avery was in fact framed for Halbach's murder as previous theories claimed

Uproxx reports Halbach's death certificate was made available through Freedom of Information requests. The certificate appears to be just as convoluted as the entire case, being riddled with conflicting information. First off, the certificate says "No" there wasn't a body found but further down when it asks if an autopsy was performed it says "Yes." Another inconsistency is in the box that asks cause of death, which first listed "undetermined" gets crossed out and replaced with "homicide." 

But the troubling discrepancies don't end there. Halbach's certificate was issued November 10, 2005, but Uproxx reports Halbach's bone fragments were received by the Calumet County coroner November 9. The certificate identifies the remains as belonging to Halbach on December 5 although her bones weren't identified until January 19 writes Uproxx

Avery was charged with Halbach's murder November 9, and as Uproxx notes proof of death is needed to make a charge, so it would appear the paperwork was rushed in order to charge Avery.

This is just another messed up thing in Avery's case that may or may not be further explored in another season of Making a Murderer,which the documentary makers are on board for.