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Kim Kardashian apparently got some A+ advice from husband Kanye West following the controversy generated by that artfully censored nude selfie. When Kim 'grammed and tweeted the selfie earlier this month, a depressingly large amount of people made their not-so-kind thoughts on the pic quite public, including (but annoyingly not limited to) Bette Midler and Chloë Grace Moretz. Though Kim would later issue a more formal response to the criticism in an impassioned essay on empowerment via her website, she first took to Twitter to deliver some decidedly Pablo-esque tweets aimed directly at the body-shaming tactics of certain critics.

Those tweets, at least according to a report from Us Weekly, were reportedly the result of some supportive advice from Ye. According to some brazenly unnamed sources, Kanye advised Kim "not to take shit" from anyone. "He said she’s a queen and should fight back like he always does," this source claims. "Kim used to play things so smooth but Kanye’s rubbing off on her big time." The source added that the couple frequently collaborates on their tweets. Those aforementioned tweets of liberation, though certainly worth checking out in full, most memorably included this little gem:

Though Midler and others weren't exactly fond of Kim's message, others took to it immediately. Girl Meets World star Rowan Blanchard defended Kim’s recent moves, noting the star’s impact on younger generations' self-confidence. "I think that is an awesome thing to teach girls," Blanchard wrote earlier this month. "To be accepting of yourself and use the selfie to choose how you want to be viewed and to try to gain control of your own image."