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Donald Trump claims to not know who the Ku Klux Klan are which puts him in the key demographic for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s latest project. The actor and lip sync extraordinaire is developing a movie about the hate group which has managed to evade the FBI’s list of terrorist groups despite a history of public lynching’s and other personal attacks on America’s black citizens.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Amazon just acquired the rights to the KKK drama K Troop which Gordon will produce and possibly star in. The post-Civil War flick will follow the rise of the organization, which began in the South in 1865, and center on Major Lewis Merrill-the military strategist who led a secret network of informants, which included African Americans, to infiltrate and subdue the white supremacist group.

The project doesn’t have a writer or director yet so don’t expect to see it any time soon. Gordon-Levitt can next be seen in Oliver Stone’s biopic Snowden, about the infamous whistleblower. He reportedly met with the titular character to prepare for the role. Snowden, meanwhile, has volunteered to come back to the U.S. if he’s given a fair trial. The government has yet respond.