Jon Bernthal may be definitely is the man of the moment right now, thanks to his definitive portrayal of The Punisher in Netflix's Daredevil, but that doesn’t mean he's always been on top. Bernthal, during yet another highly watchable late-night appearance, broke down one of the most memorable stories from his pre-fame days to Conan O'Brien on Wednesday. The takeaway? Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green are hella nice dudes.

"When I was starting out, it was not good," Bernthal recalled, laughing. "It was not a pretty picture. I did not have a pot to you-know-what in." The Fury scene-stealer then launched into a pretty amazing story about how a lack of funds in the early days didn't stop him from catching a show from his favorite band: The White Stripes.

"I had just moved to LA and I didn’t have anything," Bernthal Frank Castle fondly remembered. "I loved the White Stripes, love that band. I remember they were playing at the Greek Theatre. I really wanted to go. I couldn't afford a ticket." To alleviate this small technicality, Bernthal grabbed a few 40s and decided to have his own show outside the venue. In the middle of his impromptu budget-friendly jam, Bernthal noticed two vaguely familiar faces approaching.

"I was sitting there and Seth Green and Macaulay Culkin were walking up," the Daredevil star told the audience. According to Bernthal, he was familiar with Macaulay Culkin's girlfriend from a previous project and called them over. A few moments into the conversation, the pair gifted Bernthal with a backstage pass. Years later, Bernthal and Green were working on a project together and Bernthal brought up the fond memory with the entire cast and crew. To fate's amusement, Green and Culkin had inaccurately assessed Bernthal's outdoor White Stripes makeshift concert. Bummers abound.