Jimmy Kimmel was kind enough to take some time out of his presumably busy week to gift John Kasich with a campaign ad highlighting his two greatest strengths: He's not Donald Trump. He's not Ted Cruz. "With his victory in Ohio, many analysts believe John Kasich is the Republicans' best shot at topping Donald Trump," Kimmel explained on Wednesday’s show. "This new ad actually makes a very compelling argument for why he should be the nominee."

Though the ad briefly touts Kasich's "real world" experience with regards to foreign and domestic policy, this should-be-real fabrication quickly shifts gears into the more appealing aspects of Kasich's platform for slightly saner Republicans. Of course, the task of not being Trump or Cruz surely has its difficulties. Just ask Marco Rubio.

Sadly, Kasich is still rather attached to the more maddening side of the GOP: inanely offensive stances on women's issues. As previously reported, the Ohio governor signed a bill last month that's reportedly set to cut more than $1 million in funding for Planned Parenthood in the state.

You should def use this campaign ad, John Kasich. Then be sure to get schooled on the importance of keeping an organization like Planned Parenthood properly funded and functioning. After all, comedy is a big part of besting someone like Trump (thanks, Kimmel) but enlightenment is the true weapon.