Surprisingly popular and entirely watchable reality show First Dates Australia featured a familiar face on last night's show, Jemma Clark. 

Who's Jemma Clark? Let us bring you up to speed; We ran a story on the infamous Gold Coast Playmate turned drug offender in December, when a judge handed down an 18-month suspended sentence after she was found with two grams of cocaine in a nappy bag.

It appears she isn't letting her previous dramas hold her back, as Clark appeared on the nationally-televised dating show last night. Clark was matched up with tactful and sensitive 'Shane', who when asked what the first thing he noticed about Jemma was, quickly replied 'her tits'. Class.

To his credit, Shane arrived with a rose and chocolates for his date,  but filled in time while he waited for Jemma to arrive by snapping a bunch of selfies.

When Jemma arrived, Shane went on to brag about his Instagram followers, kept his sunglasses on his head for the duration of the date, and told Clark if he were to upload a photo of her to his account, she would be 'ripped to shreds' by his followers. Class.