Apparently, he doesn't just play a hero for the moviegoing public, but acts like a real-life hero for his kids as well. Hugh Jackman was caught on video at a beach in Sydney, Australia over the weekend, where the Aussie actor was witnessed pulling his two children, Oscar and Ava, to safety from a rip current.

The video also shows Jackman holding hands with a random dude as they pull their way out of the water. CBS notes that while the media initially reported that Jackman had saved the man from drowning in the current, the man later explained to Australia's 9 News that he was actually helping Jackman rescue one of Jackman's kids by forming a human chain. 

Jackman can also be seen in the video motioning to other swimmers to come toward the shore and get out of the dangerous riptide. 

Another guy who was hanging out on the beach spoke to reporters and said that nobody seemed to realize that Jackman, arguably the nation's biggest celebrity, was just chilling on the public beach, wearing a wetsuit and watching over his kids. The man said he was chatting with Jackman on a sandbar when the waves started getting bigger, and noted that the celebrity dad had his hands full. 

"I think he was under a bit of pressure, because it was two kids at once; he was trying to organize all that stuff," the witness told 9 News. "I don't think too many people realized [it was Hugh Jackman] until he got on the beach and then they were like oh, s--t, it's Hugh. "

In January, Jackman told Collider that the script for a third standalone Wolverine movie was very nearly complete. That film is set for a 2017 release.