Henry Cavill stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, very fully aware that the show was likely being played on mute in bars across the nation. Kimmel, sensing the perfect opportunity to get faux-punched by the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star, quickly hatched a plan that would allow exactly that: an admirably well-orchestrated faux punch.

"I think this is great because a lot of people are drunk right now, watching television," Kimmel explained, clearly excited to get decked by Superman. "If you would indulge me, what I would like you to do is punch me in slow motion." After nailing the slow-motion acrobatics in a single take, the sped-up version of the clip was played back to the joy of anyone who's ever wanted to see Superman knock out a late-night talk show host.

Earlier this week, Cavill's Batman v Superman press duties took him to Times Square for a baffling social experiment. Cavill, dressed in a Superman t-shirt and posed next to multiple gigantic Batman v Superman posters, wasn't recognized by a single soul. Take that, fervent Clark Kent disguise doubters. Glasses really can change your whole game up. Maybe someone should try adding a pair of glasses to Ben Affleck's back tattoo?