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Heidi Montag made her debut on Lifetime’s The Mother/Daughter Experiment on Tuesday, celebrating the occasion with some televised vomiting. Montag, joined by her mother Darlene Egelhoff, immediately got off on the wrong foot with host and therapist Dr. Debbie Magids with a spirited (and allegedly intoxicated) dinner debate and a grueling encounter with Natalie Nunn almost immediately after entering the house.

Before hitting the shared residence's restroom facilities to unload the alcohol, Heidi also vomited on the floor for all to see. "The minute I walk in the door, I hear screaming and it's just like 'Boom!' and Heidi's in a fight," Egelhoff said later. Intervening on the encounter, Egelhoff told her daughter this is "not about [Nunn]" but about repairing their own relationship. Denying her intoxication, Heidi Montag called her mother "insane."

Speaking during a group session with Dr. Magids, Egelhoff told her daughter that part of their journey toward reconciliation will involve a fair amount of "good, healthy pain" but was worth the effort. Referencing her mother's criticism of her controversial plastic surgery history, as noted by Daily Mail, Montag said she felt that Egelhoff had "ripped [her] heart out" right when they both needed each other the most.

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