The new Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, part of the long-awaited Wizarding World of Harry Potter park, is apparently quite sick indeed. To clarify, by "sick" we of course mean you may actually lose a battle to your troubled stomach before acknowledging defeat by vomiting. The Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride was designed to simply be the Hollywood version of the Orlando location’s ride of the same name, TMZ reports, but it has apparently developed its own quirks.

Apparently, something about a hella realistic journey through fantastical lands atop a broom isn’t getting along very well with the dark lords of nausea. In fact, according to unnamed Universal employees who reportedly gave the ride a pre-launch try, the 3D-assisted jaunt just might induce a quick hurl. Others with the distinct pleasure of hitting the new Hollywood park during its soft opening period, as quoted by BuzzFeed News, have also endured similar experiences in the name of wizardry.

"I just went on the Harry Potter ride and I'm 99.9 percent sure I'm going to be sick," one Twitter user revealed. Though some reports cite the problem as exclusive to the new Hollywood version of the ride, BuzzFeed notes that the Orlando edition (sampled below) has also been hit with its own accusations of vomit-inducing tendencies.

For those concerned solely with hyperrealistic theme park attractions, then all of this is actually pretty good news. Perhaps, if the gods of motion sickness decide to smile down upon us once more, Disneyland's forthcoming Star Wars theme park will also seek to unsettle our stomachs in the name of technologically advanced entertainment.