Try not to panic, but it looks like your favorite ragin’ Cajun won’t be battling enemies with exploding playing cards any time this year. 20th Century Fox has removed Gambit from its October 7 slot on the release schedule and replaced it with Ridley Scott’s sci-fi feature Alien: Covenant, Gamespot reports.

The Channing Tatum-led production had already been delayed after the original director, Rupert Wyatt, dropped out last September. No word yet on a new date but this could be a good sign. Like Deadpool for Ryan Reynolds (which took about 11 years to get made), this film is a passion project for Tatum who described the beloved X-Men as “the only superhero I really followed.”

Again like Deadpool, Gambit made his lackluster big screen debut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine but with Taylor Kitsch taking the reigns. At the time, Tatum was working on G.I. Joe and wasn’t available for filming but we’re pretty sure that was just the universe looking out for him.

This time around, things should be a lot better. The movie is said to be an origin story which could go in the direction of dark and broody like Batman Begins or comedic and fun like Guardians of the Galaxy. Perhaps they should consult Betty White. She has superior taste in comic book films, after all.