While fighting games usually  tend to be about Enter The Dragon style tournament or whatever, there has been some more unique beat-em-up plots recently. Marvel Vs Capcom introduced superheroes into the mix, and we’re still confused by the Pokemon/Tekken mash-up Pokken Tournament.

War of Currents is a new one-off indie game arcade cabinet, where the fighters aren’t based on Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan — instead, they are real life 19th century electricity pioneers Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. Unsurprisingly their in-game attacks tend to be electricity based, but there’s a special twist — when you unleash your big special move, your real-life opponent gets a real-life electric shock through the joystick. Obviously, it’s only a mild safe one, but it’s enough motivation not to slack off while playing.

The one-of-a-kind cabinet will be at Proto Build Bar in Dayton, Ohio, which describes itself as “part 3D printing lab, part electronic maker space, and part café.” That sounds like an odd vibe, tbh.

[via Laughing Squid]