The endless treasure trove that is Danny McBride’s career is adding more gold with the new HBO series Vice Principals, re-teaming the artist formerly known as Kenny Powers with fellow Eastbound & Down mastermind Jody Hill. Vice Principals, as the first teaser makes pretty clear, provides the perfect groundwork for a comedic showdown between McBride and Justified / Sons of Anarchy star Walton Goggins.

The series, set to premiere in July, is described by Deadline as "a dark comedy set at a high school," which does indeed sound like a nightmare. Though no specific date for its TV debut other than simply "July" has been announced, the series is set to premiere at SXSW in Austin on Friday alongside a Q&A session with McBride, Goggins, and others.


McBride stars as Neal Gamby, a recently divorced vice principal who apparently has to deal with a bunch of kids who just really don’t like him at all. Lee Russell, played by Goggins, joins Gamby in the race to become principal and promptly initiates hilariously small-scale chaos. Kimberly Hebert Gregory, Busy Philipps, Sheaun McKinney, Georgia King, and Shea Whigham round out the cast.

Vice Principals, which Indiewire reports has already been confirmed for two seasons at 18 episodes each, arrives at some point in July. Better cop yourself an HBO NOW password. In the meantime, here's a timely photograph we should all get framed to spruce up our respective residences: