Since announcing he was running for president, Donald Trump has managed to offend a bunch of people. But the businessman and Republican presidential candidate is now the target of someone else's contentious sense of humor—Sacha Baron Cohen's.

While it's not hitting theaters for another week, Cohen's latest film, The Brothers Grimsby, apparently has a scene that's likely to piss Trump off. In the sequence, Trump somehow gets HIV, a move that's likely to anger the hot-headed man (not to mention AIDS activists and people who find Cohen's humor to be a little too crude).

Studio executives at Sony, however, are probably the most concerned, and are attempting to distance themselves from the film. While they would probably remove the bit if they could, Cohen apparently has executive control of the film. As a result, Sony has distanced themselves from Grimsby and has done very little to promote the film. According to the Huffington Post, an anonymous source reportedly stated, "If you were told that they're shying away from the movie because of the political implications, I can tell you that's 100 percent true." 

Just two years ago Sony—and the U.S. in general—came under fire from North Korea after releasing The Interview, a comedy film with Seth Rogen and James Franco that sees the two going to the mysterious country to interview/assassinate president Kim Jong-un.

For now, however, a disclaimer has been put in the film's trailer that makes it known that Trump did not participate or in anyway contribute to the film. We wonder if that's enough to keep Cohen and the film from too much trouble. 

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