Over the past decade, Corey Feldman has been working on something special for his #Feldfam. The Lost Boys actor, whose bizarre performance at a minor league baseball game prompted the team to apologize to fans, has cooked up a double album called "Angelic 2 the Core" and he needs your help to get it out to the masses.

Feldman is asking fans to help raise $105,000 for the 22-song project, which he described as "literally a sound of the ages," the Daily Dot reports. According to the Goonies star, it will also include some mega music names like Snoop Dog, Fred Durst, B. Howard and more.

As more than a passion project, the actor takes his music seriously even if the industry doesn’t. “I was never told "The music stinks" or "I just don't hear it", as typical turn downs from major labels go,” he wrote on his crowdfunding page. “No! Instead I got lots of weird excuses like "The songs are catchy, but do U have 2 sing them"? or "Not bad 4 an actor, but we don't feel U will have the time 2 dedicate 2 a music career.”

So far, he’s raised just over $2,500.