News of the death of legendary comedian Garry Shandling, the man behind the groundbreaking HBO comedy series about a late-night talk show host, The Larry Sanders Showbroke late in the day on Thursday, but late-night hosts Conan O'Brien and Seth Meyers both found a way pay tribute by working their best Shandling stories into that night's episodes. 

O'Brien, who knew Shandling personally, explained how he shared what he called the most romantic moment of his life with Shandling on the beach during a trip to Hawaii, which he'd taken after things completely fell apart in his career. Conan explained that after losing his gig as host of The Tonight Show, his wife convinced him to take a trip to Hawaii to recover. After getting there, he received a call from Shandling, who said he was staying in the room three doors down.

"We spentthis was a week I was supposed to spend with my wife and kidsI spent the entire week with Gary Shandling. I'll tell you something, I was at a real low point. He counseled me, he cheered me up, he told me jokes, he talked to me about philosophy, he talked to me about how there are bigger things in the world and how I was gonna be fine..."

Meyers meanwhile didn't know Shandling personally, but took a few minutes to explain just how legendary Shandling and The Larry Sanders Show were to comedians, saying that he'd actually wanted to befriend Jason Sudeikis back in the day because he knew Sudeikis had the show on VHS tapes.