He didn't crawl out of a cake this time—in fact, he wasn't even on stage—but Bill Murray made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night as only Bill Murray can. The actor, who's well known for unexpected cameos and random appearances, wasn't scheduled to appear on the show last night, but as Stephen Colbert finished his opening monologue about an adorable Brazilian man and his adorable pet penguin, he spotted something out of place. 

"Excuse me sir, can you get your feet off the stage?" Colbert asks a sleeping man in the front row. The man, who has his head turned sideways and his right arm draped across a woman's collar bone, doesn't reply. After a few more comments from Colbert, however, the unknown man jerks awake, turns his face toward the camera, and reveals that he is, in fact, Bill Murray. Everyone cheers. 

Murray stands up and gathers his possessions, which consist of a small duffel and a suit bag. When Colbert asks if he can get Murray anything—a cup of coffee, maybe—Murray, in typical Murray fashion, points to the woman next to him. "That's totally up to her, Bill," Colbert says. So Murray asks the woman to go with him, and she stands up and follows him out. That Bill Murray is quite the catch.