Bill Maher has made it pretty clear where he stands on Donald Trump. Sure, President Trump's State of the Union address would be entertaining, but the GOP frontrunner sounds a little too much like a certain dictator for Maher to really get behind his candidacy. Maher had speculated about what Trump would be like as president, but until last night he hadn't closely examined a reason for Trump's success. Now, however, he's thrown his theory into the mix on exactly how Trump managed his meteoric rise in American politics. It's all thanks, he says, to Americans "worshipping at the altar of self-esteem." 

"Every time a parent sides with a kid over a teacher, they are creating the Donald Trumps of tomorrow," Maher says. He adds that it's a "bad idea to teach kids that anyone who doesn't agree that you are fabulous and perfect in every way is just a hater, and they can suck it. Sound like anyone we know? Have you noticed that nobody ever does anything better than Donald Trump? He's the white Kanye West," but, you know, without the creative genius.

Maher goes on to say that Trump is the inevitable result in a country like the United States that "scores low in math and science, but high in self-esteem." According to Maher, a study of eight developed countries found that U.S. students scored lowest in math skills...but highest in confidence in math skills. In other words, much like Trump, Americans are raised to be the best at thinking they're the best.