With the arrival of Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice now just days away, one of society's most contentious debates finally reaches its mainstream breaking point: Which classic DC hero would earn Metro Boomin's life-saving trust? Ben Affleck, he of the thankfully fake back tattoo, addressed this existential inquiry during a recent interview with GlobalGrind's BlogXilla.

"I think Young Metro definitely has to reach out and trust Batman," Affleck said when asked whether Metro Boomin would instill his trust in either Superman or Batman. "Don’t you think? Batman is a little bit more like a man of the people. Superman is a little aloof, distant, far away. You can't trust that." Indeed, Ben Affleck. Indeed.

Metro Boomin wasted little time issuing a formal response to Affleck's theory, confirming its accuracy:

Of course, Affleck isn't the first person to publicly weigh in on who exactly Metro Boomin should (or shouldn't) trust and what one should expect should that trust not be secured. Dr. Ben Carson, former presidential candidate, sleepily told us back in February that anyone not earning Boomin's trust should instead seek to understand the source of those friendship-ruining doubts:

Hate it for ya, Superman.